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5 HVAC Considerations to Make When You’re Purchasing a House

5 HVAC Considerations to Make When You're Purchasing a HouseWhen you’re house hunting, the HVAC system isn’t typically among your top priorities. It’s risky business to ignore a prospective home’s system because the hidden costs may surface just months after purchasing the home. Avoid nasty surprises by making these HVAC considerations when buying a house.

System’s Age

HVAC systems have a finite lifespan. Ask the owner about when the HVAC system was installed. If the furnace was installed more than 15 years ago or the heat pump or air conditioner is over 10 years old, it probably requires replacement.

Past Repairs and Maintenance

A well-maintained system can continue to operate reliably past its projected lifespan whereas a neglected system can break down way before its time. Make sure you review the system’s maintenance records such as job tickets attached to the unit. If important components such as the compressor and blower motor have needed frequent repairs, it could spell trouble in the near future.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC equipment should have a bright yellow EnergyGuide label. Read the label to find out the system’s energy efficiency. You should also look for the Energy Star logo. Energy Star-qualified equipment will help lower your energy costs.

Air Leaks

Air leaks cause heating and cooling equipment to work harder and increase energy bills. If you find a house you love, inspect the ductwork and seals around the doors and windows. You can pass a lit incense stick over them to check for leaks.


Insulation helps prevent indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from infiltrating your home. Ask the seller about the amount of insulation. Walk through the home while paying attention to the temperature in the rooms. If there are noticeable temperature differences or drafts from outside, that could be due to inadequate insulation.

These considerations will help you know more about the HVAC system you’re inheriting so you can negotiate a lower selling price if you detect problems or avoid making a wrong purchase. To learn more about the HVAC considerations to make when buying a house, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We serve the Yuma area.

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