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Does Your Thermostat Need to Be Replaced? How to Know

Does Your Thermostat Need to Be Replaced? How to KnowWhen your HVAC system won’t run, it’s perfectly normal to fear that one of the main components has failed. Before you panic, though, a faulty thermostat is another possibility that’s worth investigating. It makes perfect sense because without a signal from a functioning thermostat, the HVAC components can’t cycle on.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find out if a thermostat replacement will solve the problem.

Tips for Identifying a Faulty Thermostat

To find out if your thermostat is the culprit, troubleshoot the following issues:

  • Temperature setting. If the temperature setting isn’t high or low enough, the thermostat won’t trigger the HVAC equipment, so see if making a 5-degree adjustment helps. For heating, dial it up and for cooling, turn it down.
  • Power supply. If your thermostat has batteries, put in fresh ones. Then, find the breaker that controls it in your home’s electrical panel, flip it and reset it.
  • Function setting. Make sure that the function button is set on either “heat” or “cool” to match the season.
  • Interior condition. With the circuit breaker shut off, take the thermostat cover off and examine the interior. Check for any loose wires and make sure each wire is firmly attached to its screw. Take a soft brush and clean out any built up dust from the interior. Clean the metal contacts with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Flip the breaker on and make the above-mentioned temperature adjustments to see if the thermostat starts working.
  • Thermostat control. One final step you can take is bypassing the thermostat completely. Shut off the breaker, take the unit off its wall bracket and carefully remove the wires from the back. Take the white and red wires and twist the ends together. Flip on the breaker and see if the heating equipment starts up. Repeat these steps using the green and red wires that signal the cooling equipment. If either HVAC component comes on when the wires are joined, the thermostat isn’t working and needs replacement.

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