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Energy Star Guidelines: What Makes a Product Eligible

Energy Star Guidelines: What Makes a Product EligibleWhen you’re buying a new air conditioner or major appliance, one of the features to look for to ensure you are getting one that is as efficient as possible is the coveted label from the federal Energy Star program. Products with this label have proven that they are efficient and eco-friendly.

Here’s a closer look at what Energy Star labeling means for heating and cooling systems.

How Products Earn the Label

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, products that receive this efficiency label must meet specific qualifications that prove they are efficient. These qualifications include:

  • Contributing to nationwide energy savings.
  • Delivering features and performance customers need.
  • Being able to provide enough energy savings to counteract any increased cost over less efficient models within a reasonable period of time.
  • Offering efficiency through non-proprietary technologies other manufacturers can also use.
  • Providing energy consumption savings that is measurable and can be verified through testing.
  • Labeling that labeling differentiates the product in a visible way for those purchasing them.

The specifications specific to heating and cooling systems often go by SEER rating, but in general those products with the label are more efficient than similarly sized counterparts that do not have the label. The labeling guidelines for specific measurements will change over time as technology improves and adapts.

Why Choose Energy Star Labeled Products?

When you’re shopping for a product for your home, one of your primary goals should be to ensure the product will reduce your energy use over time. By purchasing these labeled products, your electric bills will drop significantly. The more labeled appliances and components you have in your home, the lower your energy bill will be. In addition, you will be contributing to less energy consumption across the country, creating a lower impact on the environment.

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