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Is Your Furnace Ready for Use this Winter?

Is Your Furnace Ready for Use this Winter?Even though we’re blessed here in Yuma with very moderate winter temperatures, we still need to turn on the furnace now and then for the occasional cold spell. Make sure yours is ready whenever that happens.

Read on for how to get your furnace in good shape for winter.

Change the air filter. We can’t stress enough how important changing the filter is for any season. A clean filter does a better job of keeping dirt and dust out of your HVAC system. When the filter is clean, airflow is improved, and there’s less strain on the system. And, your heating system will work more economically.

Check your vents for obstructions. Don’t set furniture on top of or in front of your HVAC vents. Vents should be unobstructed so they can deliver heat properly to the home. Also check for dirt on the grilles or inside the vents, and clean them if need be.

Keep the heating system on. Don’t turn the system off just to save money. Turn the thermostat down low, say, 60 degrees, just in case there’s a cold spell while you’re gone.

Schedule annual maintenance. You don’t want your furnace conking out while you’re away. Even if the risk of frozen pipes is low, it’s still a risk and there’s no point in taking it. With annual maintenance, you have a better chance of discovering potential problems that might work up to a breakdown. It’s better to address these issues now, than have to worry about them while you’re away. Some of the things a licensed HVAC tech should do:

  • Check controls and thermostat.
  • Check gas and electrical connections. Look for loose wires. Check gas pressure.
  • Inspect the burners for corrosion and the heat exchanger for cracks. Make sure the system is igniting properly.
  • Inspect the blower motor, making sure nothing is loose and that it’s functioning properly.
  • Inspect the ductwork, looking for cracks or loose segments that need repair.

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