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Why is a Heat Pump a Good Choice for You?

Why is a Heat Pump a Good Choice for You?A heat pump is the ideal HVAC appliance for desert climates where summers are hot and winters mild. Heat pumps work just like refrigerators. They move heat from one place to another. In the summer, they take it out of the indoor air and in the winter, reverse the process, and extract it from the outdoors.

Convenience and Safety

  • Switching between heating and cooling is automatic and controlled at the thermostat.
  • The only fuel heat pumps require is electricity in mild climates, eliminating the need for natural or LP gas. They’re safer because there’s no risk of exposure to carbon monoxide and other gaseous byproducts that combustible fuels release.

Overall Efficiency

The recent increase in energy efficiency standards have made heat pumps even more efficient. Besides having to meet the higher standards for SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating and HSPF (heating season performance factor), new heat pumps sold in Arizona must have a higher EER (energy efficiency ratio) rating than ever before.

The EER is a better measure of efficiency in our region because it shows how efficiently the system performs in hot temperatures versus the 82 degrees F used to evaluate the SEER. A heat pump is 300 to 700 percent more efficient than electric furnaces or baseboard heating.

Additional Benefits

  • Heat pumps equipped with a scroll compressor increase the amount of heat the appliance creates when temperatures drop below freezing, which is a rare event in this location.
  • One of the most attractive upgrades for heat pumps in the desert southwest are desuperheaters that use the waste heat to heat water for your home, swimming pool or hot tub. Next to heating and cooling your home, water heating is second in line for energy usage. Heat pumps equipped with desuperheaters all but eliminate the energy associated with water heating for most of the year.

A heat pump is the go-to choice for most homes in this climate because of their simplicity and energy efficiency. Contact the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company to learn more about using these appliances in your Yuma home.

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