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Clues That Your Ductwork is Too Old

Clues That Your Ductwork is Too OldIf you’ve been taking good care of your heating and cooling system and your energy bills are still high, the fault may lie in old ductwork. Any home that’s older than 15 years could have ductwork problems that develop over time, or a have a confluence of problems that started when it was first installed and just became more pronounced.

Besides driving up energy costs, ductwork also affects indoor air quality. Leaks can pull dust and dirt from the areas through which they pass into the air you breathe indoors.

Most of the homes in Yuma have ducts that run through the attic. After putting on protective clothing and a dust mask, inspect the ductwork by:

  • Looking for obvious leaks. Loose joints, tears in the ducts themselves, or cracks are signs of leaking ducts. Tapes that join ducts can lose their adhesive properties and fall away. Seeing duct tape is a sure sign of old ductwork problems.

    The heat in the attic during the summer can reach 140 degrees and higher. Such temperatures degrade many materials made with adhesive glues. You can also identify leaks in ducts by looking for streaks of dust near the joints.

  • Testing the airflow from each register. If a room or a set of rooms has lower airflow than others, there may be a hidden obstruction in the duct from loose insulation or a buildup of debris. A difference in air temperature blowing from the register indicates ductwork leakage somewhere between that register and the trunk.
  • Some homes use sheet metal ducts that can corrode or rust over time. Although it’s rare to see rusted metal in this climate, it is possible, especially the ducts run through a poorly vented crawl space beneath your home.

Any of these conditions signal the need for an inspection from an HVAC professional. The quality of your ductwork has a direct impact on indoor air quality and energy bills. For more information about old ductwork and your options, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC services for Yuma homeowners.

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