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Furnace on the Fritz? Learn How to Troubleshoot Common Issues

Furnace on the Fritz? Learn How to Troubleshoot Common IssuesOur furnaces don’t have to work nearly as hard in Yuma as they do in places farther north, but still, we need them to be functioning properly when the occasional cold spell hits. With annual preventative maintenance, you shouldn’t encounter too many problems with your furnace, but when it does happen, it’s a good idea to have some furnace troubleshooting knowledge.

What Could Go Wrong?

Believe it or not, one of the most common problems that HVAC technicians encounter when called about a malfunctioning furnace is that it won’t turn on. And, more often than not, it’s a situation the homeowner could have resolved. Before you make that call, check the following:

  • Is there electricity in your home? If not, call the power company to see what’s going on, or to determine if you need an electrician.
  • Is the furnace control turned to the proper position?
  • Is the thermostat turned up high enough for the furnace to come on?
  • Is the breaker thrown? Turn the furnace off, then flip the breaker and turn the furnace back on to check it out.
  • Has the gas supply been interrupted? Check other gas appliances, or check the gas supply valve to make sure it’s on.
  • If you have a pilot light, is it on? With some furnaces, the gas supply won’t turn on if the pilot light is out.
  • Is the air filter so dirty that the system shut down to prevent overheating? Turn off the furnace and change the filter.
  • Is the thermostat working? If the digital face is blank, wires may be disconnected or it may need new batteries. Or, it may be the thermostat has malfunctioned and you need a new one.

Other Furnace Issues

Sometimes you may encounter strange furnace noises. In most cases, it’s best to turn off the furnace and call a technician to find out what’s wrong, before damage is done. For instance, the sound of metal scraping against metal could be a broken blower wheel.

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