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Here’s How to Know When to Upgrade Your Heating System

Here's How to Know When to Upgrade Your Heating SystemYour HVAC system is a substantial part of your home investment and day-to-day comfort. So, the decision to upgrade your heating system is an important one that warrants careful thought and research. Whether you’re facing a repair-or-replace decision or want better comfort and efficiency, use the following information to help determine if you’re ready for an upgrade now or in the near future.

Room Addition or Remodeling

Adding a room or converting your attic or garage to living space can maximize your home’s potential and increase its value. One very important factor to consider for your new living space is how you’re going to heat it.

If you already have a forced-air heating system, it may be possible to extend the air ducts to the new space. Your HVAC technician should perform a load calculation to see if your current heating unit can handle the extra heat demand and still deliver balanced airflow throughout your home.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Heating systems available today, whether a furnace or heat pump, are substantially more energy efficient than those just a decade or two old. It’s not unusual to improve heating efficiency by as much as 35 percent if you’re replacing a very old unit to a high-efficiency system.

You stand to gain even more energy savings if your ducts need to be sealed, insulated, repaired and/or modified. In fact, according to the Energy Star program, the average home loses 20 to 30 percent of conditioned airflow due to duct deficiencies. So, upgrading your heating system and improving your ductwork pays off with a nice return on investment.

Heat Pump Upgrade

If you’re having heating problems with your heat pump, then you’re going to have home cooling problems, too. That’s bad news in the Yuma area. So, consider that by upgrading your heat pump to improve home heating, you’re also going to enjoy improved home cooling. Further, ask your HVAC technician about variable-speed heating systems for superior heating and cooling.

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