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Save Money and Conserve Water: Simple Tips

Save Money and Conserve Water: Simple TipsIf you want to help protect our planet’s precious natural resources, cutting back on water use in your home is a good way to start and it offers the added bonus of trimming about 10 percent off your water bills annually.

Here are some simple yet effective tips on how to conserve water around your home and save money too.

Find and Fix Water Leaks

The water wasted by dripping faucets, leaking valves and running leaking toilets adds up to over 10,000 gallons a year in the average home. To curb this waste in your home, perform a periodic check on the water lines and plumbing fixtures and fix any leaks promptly. If you suspect there are hidden leaks anywhere in the plumbing system, have it inspected by a licensed professional.

Curb Your Kitchen and Laundry Consumption

Your garbage disposal is a water hog, so remove it and begin composting your kitchen waste. Use the dishwasher rather than handwashing and only run it when it’s fully loaded. If you stop pre-rinsing your dirty dishes too, you’ll save about 20 gallons more water per dishwasher load. When you use the clothes washer, avoid doing small loads because they use around twice as much water per pound of laundry as full loads.

End Bathroom Water Waste

Turn off the faucet when shaving or brushing your teeth. Always take showers instead of baths, and start taking shorter showers and you’ll save about 5 gallons of water a minute. You can also place a bucket in the shower, let it fill until the water turns hot, then use it for watering plants instead of letting it go down the drain.

Make Water-Conscious Upgrades

If you’re planning to update bathroom fixtures, showerheads or faucets in the near future, be sure to choose WaterSense-certified products that use about 20 percent less water. To cut back in the meantime, install faucet and showerhead aerators that can curb your water usage by 3.5 gallons per minute.

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