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These Things Should Never Go Down a Drain

These Things Should Never Go Down a DrainCausing damage to the pipes in your Yuma-area home is an easy thing to do if you’re not careful. To help you ensure drain safety, we’ve compiled a quick list of items that should never go down a drain:

Drain Cleaners

These are safe because they’re made to clear out drains, right? Think again. Even though they are effective in unclogging a drain, the chemicals they utilize are corrosive, which will damage your pipes. Calling an HVAC professional for clogs can prevent worse damage in the future.

Certain Paper Products

Although you can flush paper products like toilet paper and tissues down the toilet, things like paper towels, cotton balls, baby wipes, and similar items won’t break down nearly as well in your pipes. This will cause huge clogs to form, and it won’t take much time for it to happen.

Kitty Litter

Typical types of kitty litter are made of clay that clumps together to fight odor and make disposable easier. As you can imagine, this clay will certainly clump when it’s exposed to water in your drain. This turns it into a cement-like substance that quickly damages pipes. Certain kinds of litter are flushable, but clay types are not.

Leftover Grease and Oil

After cooking with grease or oil, you’ll want to find a way to dispose of it. Trust us — pouring it down the drain is not the right way. Grease and oil will congeal in your pipes and cause horrendous damage. What you want to do is put these substances into a container and toss them in the trash.

Feminine Products

Many drain problems are caused by the flushing of feminine products. These items are simply not made to go down the toilet and will cause extensive damage over time. Dispose of all feminine products in the trash if you want to avoid problems with your pipes.

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