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Buying a New Air Conditioner?

Buying a New Air Conditioner?In southwest Arizona if you purchase the wrong central air conditioner, you’ll have to live with your mistake not only for many, many years but for most of the months in any given year. You can avoid living with unnecessarily high energy bills and substandard cooling if you follow a few simple tips when shopping for a new air conditioner.

  • Choose an HVAC contractor with a solid reputation, not only for selling quality products with good warranties but for providing reliable professional service. The contractor should be able to produce testimonials from satisfied customers and numerous professional certifications. It’s all the better if the contractor has long and close ties with the community.
  • If the contractor offers to give you an estimate for a new air conditioner over the phone, without inspecting your home, go elsewhere. Installing a new air conditioner is not like plugging in a new TV.
  • The HVAC contractor should insist upon performing a cooling load calculation on your home before recommending a particular capacity A/C. The calculation looks at your home’s size and layout, of course, but also its level of energy efficiency, amount and type of windows, building materials, orientation to the afternoon sun, and other factors.
  • Your options for energy efficiency levels should be explained. A central A/C with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will expend less electricity to provide the same amount of cooling as a lower-efficiency model. In our climate, with its long, intense cooling season, it makes good sense to invest in a high-efficiency central cooling system.
  • Find out what rebates and tax credits are available. Rebates from the manufacturer, electric utility or HVAC business are available with many new cooling systems.
  • Consider purchasing a quality service agreement for your new air conditioner. A well-maintained central A/C will operate more efficiently and effectively, which means lower cooling bills, better performance, fewer breakdowns and a longer service life. Make sure to provide routine homeowner maintenance, too.

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