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What HVAC Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

What HVAC Questions to Ask When Buying a HomeTo say that you have a long list of questions to answer when buying a house is an understatement. What can’t be understated in the Yuma area is the importance of investigating the condition of your new dream home’s HVAC system.

To ensure you are getting what you expect regarding the comfort and efficiency of your new home, consider the following HVAC questions and information you need to know.

HVAC Types and Locations

Your initial questions give you insight to the types of HVAC units installed and their locations. The following questions also serve as “door openers” for more grilling inquiries during your home walkthrough.

  • Is the home cooled and heated with a heat pump or with an air conditioner and furnace?
  • Where is the indoor air handler located — in the attic, in a utility closet or on the roof in a packaged HVAC system?
  • Where is the outdoor unit located? Is it right beneath your bedroom window, for noise considerations?
  • Are there any add-on systems, such as a whole-home humidifier, a zoning system and an air-cleaning system?

HVAC History

Whether you are buying a house that is newly constructed, a few years old or a few decades old, you need to know the HVAC system’s installation and maintenance history. For comparison, if you were buying a used car, you would want to know the maintenance history and if the car had been in any accidents.

As far as newly-constructed homes, even a new HVAC system won’t work at maximum efficiency if it wasn’t installed using HVAC-industry best practices. Find out which company installed the HVAC system, and look into their reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Turn It On

Ask the real-estate agent to turn on the HVAC system. Check air pressure at each vent to make sure it’s even. Are there any unusual noises? Are the vents clean? Lastly, ask if you can bring in your own HVAC contractor to inspect the HVAC system.

To learn more about asking the right HVAC questions when buying a house in the Yuma area, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company today.

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