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4 Tips for Quieting Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit

4 Tips for Quieting Your Home's Air Conditioning UnitIt’s completely normal for your home’s air conditioner to make some noise when it’s running, but loud or unusual new sounds can be concerning. If the A/C starts making shrill shrieking, high-pitched squealing, steady hissing or loud banging sounds, call a trusted HVAC pro immediately because these noises often indicate a serious problem.

Some noises are merely irritating, though, and quieting the A/C may not mean a major repair. Here are some suggestions on how to solve common, annoying air conditioner noises:

Silencing a Murmuring Blower Fan

If you hear murmuring or rattling coming from from the blower, dirty, loose or bent fan blades may be the culprit. To lessen this kind of noise, vacuum any accumulated debris from inside the blower compartment and dust the blades. If the fan is loose, use a screwdriver to tighten the center hub so it’s secure. To fix a bent blade, apply gentle, steady pressure with your hands to straighten it.

Lubricating a Loud Fan Motor

When a blower motor is lacking sufficient lubrication, it can begin making an irritating grinding or humming sound. If your unit is equipped with oil ports, adding one or two drops of “SAE 10” lubricating oil may quiet it down. You can help keep it operating smoothly by adding oil at the beginning of every cooling season.

Tightening Rattling Screws

The mechanical HVAC components situated inside your condenser and air handler cabinets can vibrate slightly when they’re running. Over time, this small amount of repetitive movement can loosen the cabinet and mounting screws and create an annoying rattling noise. To solve this, trace the rattle back to the source and use a screwdriver to tighten up the loose screws.

Quieting Compressor Commotion

Your air conditioner compressor can make a fair amount of noise that’s amplified even more as it reverberates off your exterior walls. If the commotion is ruining your enjoyment of being outside, you should consider having a sound-insulating blanket and/or vibration-reducing mounts installed on the unit.

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