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Get Your Home’s HVAC Ready for Your Summer Vacation

Get Your Home's HVAC Ready for Your Summer VacationWith all the planning and preparation that goes into a relaxing summer vacation, it’s understandable that you might not give any thought to your HVAC system. You can save energy and lessen the chance of an unexpected equipment breakdown by adding the following HVAC-related items on your to-do list.

Adjust the Thermostat

To save energy while you’re away, raise the thermostat’s temperature setting to 80-85 degrees just before you head out. If you have a programmable model, put it in vacation mode so the house is cool and comfortable when you get back.

Add Surge Protection

A fluctuation in the electrical current entering your home can ruin anything with a microprocessor. This includes HVAC system components, televisions, computers and cordless phones, as well as appliances like the refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker. Having individual or a whole-house surge protector installed is the easiest way to safeguard all these items while you’re away.

Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

Running your cooling system with a dirty filter restricts essential air flow and puts extra strain on the equipment. To save energy and avoid an unexpected malfunction or breakdown while you’re away, put in a fresh air filter the day before you plan to leave.

Secure Your Costly Outdoor Unit

Copper theft is a common occurrence these days, and your outdoor condenser is particularly vulnerable when you’re out of town. To avoid coming back to a ruined condenser and no source of cooling, put some A/C security in place before you leave – such as an alarm, a locking cage, and/or motion-activated lighting and a security camera.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you didn’t have the cooling system inspected, cleaned and serviced in the spring, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment a couple of weeks before your vacation departure date. A skilled technician can perform all the necessary tasks to ensure that your air conditioner or heat pump is working efficiently and safely and advise you about any issues that should be addressed before you leave.

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