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HVAC Equipment Buying Mistakes People Make

HVAC Equipment Buying Mistakes People MakeIn many instances, a new HVAC equipment purchase is made in a hurry when an existing component quits unexpectedly. In our climate, having a reliable HVAC system is essential for comfort, but your replacement choice affects your household energy expenses too.

To avoid any inconvenience and get the biggest benefit from this major investment, you’ll want to avoid these common purchasing mistakes:

Buying Equipment That’s Too Big or Too Small

Purchasing over- or undersized equipment can result in unnecessarily high energy use, a loss of comfort, component breakdowns or even a shortened service life. This makes it vital to have a detailed load calculation performed by an experienced HVAC professional to properly size the needed equipment capacity.

Using Price as Your Only Selection Criteria

Choosing the least expensive option is a good money-saving strategy in many situations, but not when it comes to buying new HVAC equipment. Basic models cost less, but they’re typically less efficient too, so you’ll pay higher operating costs going forward. Picking your installer based on the lowest bid can end up costing you in terms of installation expertise and quality, which can have repercussions for the equipment’s performance and longevity.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC equipment from the start helps preserve its original energy efficiency and keeps your manufacturer’s warranty intact as well. Since it’s easy to forget about scheduling preventive care visits until problems develop, it’s best to invest in an annual maintenance agreement with your HVAC contractor.

Not Exploring Beneficial Equipment Options

Buying new equipment gives you an opportunity to compare models and investigate the latest technological advancements that can enhance your home comfort and provide greater energy efficiency so you can reduce the amount you spend annually on heating and cooling. Depending on whether you’re replacing a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, it’s worthwhile exploring the advantages of choosing equipment features like a variable-speed blower, an EMC motor, a two-stage compressor, a smart thermostat and zoning.

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