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Fixing a Thermostat That Isn’t Keeping Its Schedule

Fixing a Thermostat That Isn't Keeping Its ScheduleProgrammable thermostats continue to be popular choices for HVAC system control because of the increases in efficiency and savings in energy and money they provide. When a programmable model won’t work properly, however, those benefits quickly erode and the thermostat becomes no more beneficial than a nonprogrammable one.

Here are some of the things that interfere with programmable thermostat scheduling:

Scheduling with a Programmable Thermostat

The scheduling function of a programmable thermostat is what makes it popular and allows it to reduce your monthly heating or cooling costs. By using set points, which are pre-programmed schedules, the thermostat can increase or decrease HVAC system operation according to your needs. For example, it can save money by reducing cooling system function when you’re out of your house. Another set point turns the cooling system back on in time to cool your home to your desired temperature by the time you return.

Problems Affecting Thermostat Scheduling

Problems that interfere with thermostat operation will also cause the device’s scheduling feature to malfunction. These problems can include:

  • Lack of power: Low or worn-out batteries will cause the thermostat to lose schedule settings. Put in new batteries and try the set points again. If the thermostat is wired directly into the home’s electrical system, make sure that no circuit breakers have tripped and that the thermostat is receiving power.
  • Loose wires or connections: Loose wires, terminal screws, or other connections can be responsible for thermostat schedule failure. Even a brief loss of power could completely wipe out any schedules you’ve programmed into the device. Make sure wires and connections are tight.
  • Dirty interior: Dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other material can settle on the thermostat and get inside it, causing problems with electrical connections. Clean the thermostat inside out and see if that restores the functions you want.

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