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Ways to Babyproof Your Home’s HVAC System

Ways to Babyproof Your Home's HVAC SystemBabies are curious and treat everything as a toy, including dangerous appliances. They won’t hesitate to explore registers, radiators and other heating and cooling equipment. As you childproof the different components in your home, don’t forget your HVAC system. Use the tips below to babyproof your HVAC equipment:

Secure Your Registers

Children can lift floor registers, drop objects down them through the spaces between the slats, and injure their fingers on the sharp edges. Secure each register to the floor using nails or screws. Alternatively, you can purchase vent covers that have fasteners.

It’s also a good idea to install a screen or air filter below the register to keep objects such as toys out of your ductwork.

Cut Off Access to Outdoor Unit

When your child starts venturing outdoors, he or she may find the big outside HVAC unit too conspicuous to ignore. The many wires, metal pieces, and sharp edges can create a perilous situation if he or she decides to play with the unit.

Babyproof your HVAC unit by surrounding it with a locked fence or shrubbery. Make sure you leave ample space to prevent airflow problems and allow HVAC technicians to operate when servicing the unit.

The above tips will help you rest easy knowing your HVAC equipment is safe for your curious and innocent young ones. To learn more about your HVAC system and your household, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve been helping homeowners in the Yuma area with their HVAC needs since 1952.

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