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What is the Best Bathroom Ventilation?

What is the Best Bathroom Ventilation?Bathroom renovations provide homeowners with a great opportunity to increase efficiency by installing or upgrading ventilation. Bathrooms are one of the most troublesome places in your home when it comes to stale air and odors, excessive humidity and mold. All these issues can be remedied by improving exhaust ventilation, and there’s no better time to do it than during renovations.

Exhaust Ventilation

A home’s occupants generate a lot of moisture in the bathroom. Whether it’s flushing toilets or taking luxurious showers, all that moisture needs to go somewhere or it can cause problems.

Even in our dry climate, excess moisture can cause your home to feel unnecessarily humid in the summer. Your air conditioner will then have to work harder to dehumidify the home. Humid conditions during the summer can also cause a home’s occupants to feel warmer than they should, so that occupants feel compelled to turn the thermostat down several degrees. This ends up costing you more on your utility bill.

Too much moisture in the bathroom can also pool or pond on tile, shower curtains, floors and drywall, creating mold, mildew and fungus. It can ruin walls, floors and ceilings so that you need to replace them.

But it’s not only moisture that’s of concern in an unventilated bathroom. What about unpleasant odors and stale air?

Ventilation Remedies

Sure, you can correct these issues to a degree by opening a window (if you have one) and using a portable fan to blow out the moisture and odors. But during a renovation you can install ventilation systems that are properly exhausted to the outdoors. It’s not enough that air is just sucked up and exhausted into an attic or into some crevices in the walls or ceiling; moist air should be vented outdoors through exhaust ducts in the roof or walls.

Today’s ventilation exhaust systems, by the way, are better than ever. They are efficient to operate, and you can now find models that are much quieter than in the past.

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