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Will Your Home Insurance Cover Your HVAC System?

Will Your Home Insurance Cover Your HVAC System?When you read about the types of natural disasters that occur nationwide, it’s enough to make you grateful to live in Yuma, where we typically don’t experience horrific thunderstorms and large hail, tornadoes or hurricanes. Not only are we spared the stress of these life-endangering weather events, but we’re also free of having to worry much about the extra costs of insurance to protect ourselves from damages and to underwrite recovery.

That said, there are some scenarios, even in our desert landscape, where we might need to be concerned about certain events that could not only damage our homes, but also damage what is likely the most expensive equipment you have in yours, the HVAC system. Here are a few things to think about, when it comes to home insurance and the HVAC.

Is Your HVAC Covered?

There are actually times when your HVAC system may be covered for repair by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Here are a few scenarios:

1. Your condensate drain gets plugged up and water floods your home, damaging your HVAC system and your home’s walls and floor. Your home insurance should cover this eventuality. If it doesn’t, be sure to get such coverage.

2. A tree or flying debris falls onto your outdoor air conditioner condenser and damages it. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover repair or replacement.

3. Sometimes the outdoor units of heat pumps and air conditioners freeze up for varying reasons. A broken fan, refrigerant leak or a malfunction with the evaporator coils could be the culprit. While it’s unlikely your A/C would be covered under any of these situations, the unit might be covered if damage was done during freezing weather due to burst water pipes that somehow leaked onto the unit, causing it to freeze and be damaged — an unlikely scenario in our region, to be sure, but possible.

In general, home insurance will not cover repair or replacement when the A/C malfunctions due to age or mechanical malfunction.

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