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The Best Season to Upgrade Your HVAC System

The Best Season to Upgrade Your HVAC SystemWithout a doubt, fall is the best time to start thinking about upgrading your HVAC system. The period from Halloween to the Holidays usually has forgiving weather for working indoors and out. Since the upgrade process might involve accessing the attic, waiting until the temperatures cool will make it easier for you.

Where to Start

When your HVAC system isn’t delivering the comfort you want, look for the primary reasons. Three of the most common causes include:

  • A system that’s aging. Anything over 15 years old may not work effectively or efficiently. Compromised indoor comfort or high cooling bills often point to a system that needs replacing.
  • An inefficient home. Air leaks, lack of insulation, and single pane windows increase energy costs and discomfort.
  • Leaking ductwork. Even a new home or HVAC system can have leaking ductwork. It’s a good idea to have them checked whenever you have your system maintained by a professional. Between visits, look for uncomfortable rooms, low airflow coming from a duct, or excessive dust near the ducts.

If your home lacks efficiency or has leaking or uninsulated ductwork, it should be corrected before moving forward with upgrading your HVAC system. The improvements you make might end your discomfort and high energy bills.

Even if you choose to upgrade HVAC, most HVAC contractors and energy specialists recommend you improve what’s practical before proceeding with a replacement. Windows are an expensive upgrade that you might be able to improve simply by using a combination of thermal drapes and shade screens.

If your system is aging, needs frequent repairs, or uses R-22 it might be time to replace. Before you do, search for a NATE-certified HVAC contractor and insist on a load calculation. Both assure you that your next system will be the right size and installed to the highest industry standards.

As the blistering heat fades, it might be a good time for upgrading your HVAC system or make energy improvements. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing NATE-certified HVAC services for Yuma homeowners.

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