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Roundup: Best Air Filters for Fall Allergies in Arizona

Roundup: Best Air Filters for Fall Allergies in ArizonaAs most Yuma residents welcome the cooler temperatures and shorter days, some do so half-heartedly, since fall weather also brings on the allergy season. If you’re one of the sufferers, you might find relief by installing one of the best air filters for pollen filtration into your air conditioning system.

Although the primary purpose for the air filter is to keep your HVAC system clean, you can upgrade it so that it removes many of the airborne irritants that trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Identifying the Best Filters

Air filters for HVAC systems carry ratings that indicate the size of the particles they can remove. The technical term is MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), although some manufacturers simply identify them as good, better, and best. Good filters have MERV ratings between 1 and 4, better between 5 and 8, and best-rated filters between 9 and 12.

The best air filters for pollen allergies have MERV ratings between 9 and 12. Pollen ranges in size from 10 to 1000 microns, and filters with MERV ratings of 9 and higher will be able to trap 85 percent and more of the pollen in your home’s air, as long as the air handler’s fan is running.

Most forced-air systems let you run the fan without using the cooling or heating function. Set the thermostat to “on” instead of “auto.” It will increase your energy bills slightly because the air handler fan uses electricity, but being able to feel and breathe better may be worth it.

Before Changing the Filter

Always check the owner’s manual for your HVAC system before installing an upgraded filter. If it doesn’t specify the maximum MERV rating you can use, ask your HVAC contractor. Installing too dense a filter can harm your equipment and drive up energy costs.

Spending a little extra for the best air filters for allergy relief is not only worth it for your comfort, it will also prolong the life and efficiency of your HVAC system. For more information, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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