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Balancing Safety and Savings: Home Temperature for Pets in the Fall

Balancing Safety and Savings: Home Temperature for Pets in the FallIf you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered about your critters’ comfort level when you choose a thermostat setting. Read on for some helpful suggestions about setting the right temperature for pets.

What’s Ideal?

The fact is, there is no one ideal temperature for all cats, dogs, birds or whatever companion animal you have in your home. Just like you, pets are individuals, and temperature needs depend on species, age, breed, weight and other factors. A big, young, shaggy sheep dog may feel more comfortable at 60 degrees, while an elderly, thin-haired, shivering Chihuahua may feel better at 75 degrees while wrapped in a blanket.

Most dogs begin to pant to cool themselves off when temperatures are between 80 and 85 degrees. Cats, on the other hand, seem to prefer somewhat warmer temperatures than dogs do.

Keep in mind that cats, dogs and many other species have warmer body temperatures than we do, so may not be comfortable at the temperature setting that feels just right to humans.

Your veterinarian can probably help guide you when it comes to the right temperatures for cats, dogs, reptiles and birds, but you will also need to use your powers of observation to monitor your pet in every season to determine whether to turn the thermostat up or down.

In fall, while it may be fine to leave your home a little cooler and not turn on the heating just yet, you will probably want to give your pet some warm bedding in case it feels cool. On the opposite side of the coin, if our Yuma fall seems too warm — panting can be a sign in dogs and other species — you may want to turn on the ceiling fan or raise the thermostat. And while it’s a myth that drafts can make a bird sick, be very careful about exposing avians to rapid temperature fluctuations such as can occur with the turning on/turning off of the HVAC system.

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