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Why Now is the Best Time for an A/C Replacement

Why Now is the Best Time for an A/C ReplacementOnce you shut down your central air conditioner for our mild southwest Arizona winter, take a moment to consider whether it’s time for an A/C replacement. If your cooling system is at the end of its useful service life, or has been malfunctioning frequently, an upgrade is likely in the cards. But when is the best time? With the next cooling season still months away, why not wait?

Here are some solid reasons why now may be the best time to pull the trigger on a new air conditioning system:

1. Easier Appointment Scheduling

This is the time of year when you’ll have an easier time scheduling an appointment. Rather than waiting till the heat returns next spring and home cooling is required “right now!,” buying in the fall will give you some time to carefully research your options, and discuss them with your trusted local HVAC contractor.

2. Cheaper Options Available

Air conditioning systems typically are cheaper after the cooling season is over. There’s less demand, and dealers are trying to clear stock to make way for 2018.

3. Ensuring a Working System

If you decide on A/C replacement now, you won’t risk your old system breaking down next spring when its workload increases substantially.

Replacement Tips

Anytime you decide to replace your home’s central cooling system keep the following tips in mind:

1. Hire a Trusted Technician

Only work with an HVAC contractor whom you trust, somebody whom you can depend upon to give you correct information on your system choices, and who will commit to performing a cooling load calculation on your home before recommending a certain size of A/C.

2. Know Your HVAC Needs

Discuss with your contractor the right level of cooling efficiency for your home. Here in our hot climate, with the very lengthy cooling season, it doesn’t make sense to scrimp on a medium-efficiency A/C. A higher-efficiency model will provide long-term savings on energy costs.

3. Stay Within Budget

Consider what advanced features for your new A/C will fit your budget. These can include multi-stage operation, and whole-house humidity control and/or air cleaning, and a programmable, WiFi thermostat.

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