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Heat Cold Rooms on a Budget

Heat Cold Rooms on a BudgetIf some rooms in your home never seem warm enough when you’re running the furnace to stay cozy on chilly winter nights, now’s the ideal time to find a solution to heat cold rooms. Some basic heating system troubleshooting is a good place to start:

  • Look at the room’s HVAC registers. Check that they’re completely open and that the grilles aren’t blocked by drapes or blinds, furniture or other household items.
  • Check your ductwork dampers. If your ductwork has seasonally-adjustable dampers, make sure that each control lever is on the “winter” setting and fully open.
  • Inspect the furnace filter. A clogged-up air filter can limit airflow from your heating registers, so replace it if necessary then check it monthly to ensure it’s always clean.

If some rooms are still too chilly, it’s wise to have your HVAC technician check for other issues with your heating system. You can also get their advice on these budget-friendly supplemental heating options:

Ductwork Booster Fan

Adding a booster fan in the ductwork can improve warm air output in certain rooms. These fans have a pressure switch so they run in conjunction with the furnace blower, and they should be hard-wired to your main breaker box.

Radiant Cove Heater

A cover heater installed along the ceiling offers an inconspicuous way to supplement heating in a cold room. These radiant heaters don’t have a fan because they warm objects, not the air. They have their own thermostat control and require a dedicated circuit in your electrical panel.

Room-to-Room Fan

If one room is amply warm and an adjacent one too cold, you can install a room-to-room ventilator fan to send warm air exactly where it’s needed. These fans usually have a switch control and plug into any standard electrical receptacle.

Toe-Kick Heater

These small blower-equipped electric heaters are designed to fit into the kick space below a bathroom or kitchen cabinet. They can be switch- or thermostat-controlled but should be wired directly into your breaker panel.

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