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Heating Alternatives to Save Energy in Winter

Heating Alternatives to Save Energy in Winter 

Most homes in the Yuma area have central HVAC systems for winter heating. If yours isn’t working properly or uses too much energy, you might try one of these home heating alternatives when temperatures get chilly:


It is possible to heat indoor spaces with forced-air solar heaters mounted on the south and west walls of your home. They’re essentially shallow wood-framed boxes, painted black, that use aluminum cans or window screen to absorb heat from the sun. They use small fans to blow the heated air indoors. They only work during the daytime on sunny days.

Combustion Heaters

EPA-approved wood-burning stoves convert most of the wood they use to create heat. Pellet stoves are the most convenient, since they can be preloaded and use thermostats to keep homes at an even temperature.

Zoning Systems

If you only use part of your home year-round, consider installing a zoning system for your existing HVAC system. Each zone has its own thermostat and the HVAC system supplies heated air to each zone only when the thermostat calls for it.

Gas and Propane Heaters

Some gas and propane heaters mount on a wall or hang from the ceiling. The only safe way to use these as heating alternatives is to have an HVC professional install only vented heaters and fireplaces. Unvented heaters are available, but there is always the risk of exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

Heaters to Avoid

  • Although space heaters are widely available, most use much more energy than a gas furnace or heat pump. If saving energy is your motivation for using alternative heating, verify that the space heater is truly energy efficient.
  • Beware the portable and window air conditioners that claim to be heat pumps. More than likely they’re not. If you use such an appliance for heating, you could see your electric bills soar.
  • Never use a gas stove or oven for home heating.

Workable heating alternatives are available for the mild Yuma winters. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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