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Why Air Balancing is Important

Why Air Balancing is ImportantIf the energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC system is decreasing, you might think that there’s an issue with your equipment. You may be surprised to learn that correcting an airflow imbalance in the system may halt that decline in efficiency that’s increasing your energy bills. Proper air balancing is also important to resolve other performance-related issues, such as uneven heating or cooling, a loss of comfort, and extra wear on your HVAC system components that shortens their useful lifespan.

What’s Involved in Air Balancing?

To achieve balanced HVAC system airflow, the air distribution ductwork must be in good condition, and the design must include the right number and size of supply and return ducts. If you’re experiencing efficiency issues even though your HVAC equipment is properly maintained, you should have an experienced HVAC specialist check the airflow. First, the ducts themselves will be evaluated to identify any leaks, disconnections and damage, then a pro will perform diagnostic tests using specialized equipment. Typically, such tests include:

  • Using a manometer to take static pressure readings on the system’s supply and return sides.
  • Measuring conditioned air output at the supply registers using a flow hood.
  • Assessing heat gains and losses, humidity and temperature with a hygrometer.

Restoring Proper Balance

After the inspection and tests are completed, a trained technician enters the data into computer software that provides an analysis of airflow through the system. If airflow isn’t balanced, the analysis report will include recommendations on steps a pro can take to fix the problem. These might include:

  • Correcting any defects in the ductwork, then sealing and insulating.
  • Modifying the blower fan speed.
  • If the system has an air filtration/cleaner added, making needed changes to the settings.
  • Installing ductwork dampers, or adjusting existing dampers.
  • Adding more return ducts in specific locations.

Once any recommended changes have been made, your technician will perform follow up testing to make sure that the system’s airflow is now in balance.

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