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What Causes HVAC Coil Corrosion?

What Causes HVAC Coil Corrosion?As one of the leading causes of HVAC system failures, coil corrosion is not a cheap issue to fix, and the end result is often coil or system replacement. Knowing the causes of coil corrosion as well as preventative steps can help you save on major repair bills in the long run.

Exposure to Chloride or Fluoride

Pitting corrosion occurs when coils are exposed to chloride or fluoride, which is found in cleaning supplies, snow removal products, and certain fabrics. Ions from these products form holes on the metal over time, which may result in refrigerant leak. Avoiding exposure to these chemicals can go along way towards preventing corrosion in the long run.

Exposure to Formic Acids

Formic acid is often found in things like insulation, adhesives, or paint. Exposure can lead to formicary corrosion, which may appear has black or blue deposits on the coils and may also lead to refrigerant leak. Formicary corrosion may be difficult to spot at first, so it’s important to inspect your coils and your system serviced regularly.

Location and Environment

While corrosion occurs more frequently in coastal areas, there are several other location-based factors that can influence it as well. Systems located near swimming pools, laundry facilities, or high-traffic areas also tend to experience corrosion more often. If your system is located in one of these areas, frequent service and upkeep is even more important.

To prevent corrosion, your coils should be cleaned twice a year. Also, applying a protective coating to your coils may help reduce corrosion over time. There are several types of coil coatings, including polyurethanes, epoxies, fluoropolymers, and silanes. The best choice often depends on a variety of factors including your system and location.

It’s also important to consult with a professional on the best protective coating for your unit. Some coatings may reduce heat transfer, which may lead to more higher bills in the future depending on your location.

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