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5 HVAC Installation Mistakes That Will Cost You

5 HVAC Installation Mistakes That Will Cost YouWhen it comes to HVAC installation, the expertise of the professional you hire plays a large role in all facets of your equipment’s operation. Here are five common installation mistakes that can cost you in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, and your new equipment’s longevity.

Focusing on the Lowest Bidder

Hiring an installer based solely on the lowest bid can lead to costly future problems with your HVAC. Companies that underbid are more likely to estimate rather than calculate the required equipment size, cut corners on the installation workmanship, or employ technicians with less training or experience.

Not Sizing Equipment Capacity Accurately

Many HVAC contractors still go by an outdated rule of thumb for sizing new equipment, instead of performing detailed load calculations based on our local climate and your home’s unique characteristics. When over- or under-sized equipment is installed, it won’t perform at maximum efficiency or last as long, and you’ll experience comfort-related problems like poor temperature control.

Ignoring Your Home’s Overall Efficiency

If your HVAC contractor ignores your home’s overall efficiency before installing new equipment, you can lose out on future energy savings. An expert HVAC pro should advise you to have an energy evaluation performed and to get recommended efficiency-boosting improvements made before installing a new HVAC system, such as sealing air leaks in the exterior envelope, or increasing attic insulation levels.

Neglecting the Air Distribution System

The ductwork that circulates conditioned air is a critically-important component of your HVAC system. If your installer doesn’t perform an assessment to ensure that it’s designed properly and sealed and insulated, the future costs can include energy losses, higher-than-necessary operating costs, temperature inconsistencies between rooms, and a shortened equipment lifespan.

Not Factoring in Humidification

In our excessively dry climate, low indoor humidity is a common problem that impacts comfort and health. A knowledgeable and conscientious installer should mention the adverse effects that can result from dry air and recommend adding a whole-house humidifier on your new HVAC system.

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