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Why You Need to Replace Detectors Around the House

Why You Need to Replace Detectors Around the HouseYou already know how routine battery checks are important in ensuring smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors work without fail. What you might not know is it’s also important to change the detectors themselves after some time. So when should you do that? Why should you replace detectors in the first place? Read on to learn more.

Importance of Replacing Detectors

Smoke detectors have a limited life, typically 10 years. Dust gathers inside them over time, desensitizing their sensors. The detecting components of CO detectors also lose their effectiveness after five to seven years.

When to Replace Detectors

Replace your smoke alarms every 10 years and your CO detectors every five years. However, replace a newer smoke detector if it chirps even after you’ve changed its batteries. You may also have to replace newer CO alarms due to reasons such as misuse, chemical exposure, and damage.

During the winter, you’ll rely on your heating system to tackle Yuma’s occasional cold spells. In case of a malfunction, the system can cause dangerous CO levels to accumulate inside. It’s also worth noting that many home fires happen at night.

You can’t detect smoke and carbon monoxide without operational detectors. This winter, make sure you look for the build or expiration dates on your detectors. If they don’t have these dates on them and you can’t remember when you purchased them, consider replacing them.

Replacement Options

If you have to replace your detectors, consider the following options:

  • CO detectors with electrochemical sensors – These are less prone to producing false alarms and more sensitive to carbon monoxide than traditional detectors.
  • Digital-display CO detectors – These let you easily monitor the CO levels in a room.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors – These are excellent at detecting smoky, smoldering fires.
  • Ionization smoke detectors – These are excellent at detecting fast, flaming fires.
  • Dual-sensor smoke detectors – These combine the technologies in photoelectric and ionization detectors.

When necessary, replace detectors quickly to ensure your family is always protected. For more information about smoke and CO detectors, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, proudly serving the Yuma area.

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