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Know the Difference Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning

Know the Difference Between Air Filtration and Air CleaningKeeping your home’s indoor air clean contributes not only to comfort but to health. For example, poor indoor air quality can contribute to allergy or asthma attacks and can cause physical discomfort. Air filtration and air cleaning provide two ways to improve indoor air quality. Though they may seem similar, there are major differences between the two.

Air Filtration

Air filtration involves the physical removal of particulates and solid contaminants from the air. As air circulates through your HVAC system, it passes through a filter, which captures and removes particulates such as dust, fibers, pollen, and mold spores. The air filters in your heating and cooling systems are intended to provide this type of filtration at varying levels of efficiency.

Higher-quality filters can remove more and smaller particulates. Separate air filtration systems, such as HEPA filtration systems, can capture very small particulates. The type of filtration you use will depend on how clean your indoor air needs to be and whether or not your HVAC system can handle thicker, denser filters.

Air Cleaning

Air cleaning is intended to be much more thorough than air filtration alone. It combines a high-level physical filtration system with equipment and techniques that can get rid of microorganisms, odors, fumes, and gases. Cleaning systems can remove up to 99 percent of the pollutants in indoor air, including bacteria, odors, fumes, and gases.

Air cleaning systems can include:

  • Electrostatic precipitators: These devices transfer an electrical charge to particulates and biological pollutants. These pollutants are attracted to a collection plate with an opposite charge, removing them from the air.
  • Ultraviolet lights: UV lights are effective at eliminating microorganisms and potentially harmful biological pollutants. Direct exposure to UV light destroys these contaminants.
  • Activated charcoal: A layer of activated charcoal in a filter can remove odors, fumes, and gases from the air passing through it.

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