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HVAC Industry Changes in 2018 that Affect Homeowners

HVAC Industry Changes in 2018 that Affect HomeownersOf the two HVAC industry changes for 2018, the most important for Yuma residents will be the changes to refrigerant handling during the R-22 phaseout. HVAC technicians who handle it have a new set of regulations. The second change will have less of an impact, since it applies to ventilation rates for new home construction.

Refrigerant Handling Changes

If you have a heat pump or A/C manufactured before 2010, there’s a possibility it uses R-22. Should you need more refrigerant for it, it will undoubtedly cost you more than it would have in 2010, the year the EPA started putting caps on the amount manufactured annually. By 2020, no new R-22 will be made and equipment that requires it will have to use recycled resources.

The cost of the refrigerant may reach the point where it doesn’t make sense to repair or refill your system. R-22 isn’t as energy efficient as its replacement, R-410a, and it’s a health hazard. Considering how much you rely on air conditioning for many months of the year, it may make more financial sense to replace your system rather than refill it.

Besides the cost, the HVAC industry changes also affect how the technicians handle it. They must pass a test before they can remove or add it, and keep precise records about the volume they handled. The paperwork requirements, including equipment disposal, is likely to extend the amount of time the technicians spend at your home.

Ventilation Standards

The other change to the HVAC industry applies to ventilation regulations and the International Residential Code (IRC) for homes built in 2018 and later. Ventilation refers to the amount of air movement that occurs in homes and it’s important for indoor air quality. The IRC will roll back the code to the level established in 2010.

The HVAC industry changes to refrigerant handling and the availability of R-22 will affect you if your system uses this hazardous chemical. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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