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Things to Consider Before You Replace Your Furnace

Things to Consider Before You Replace Your FurnaceReplacing your furnace can be a complex matter requiring the investment of time, effort, and money. Before spending thousands of dollars to replace your furnace, give some careful though to the following factors. It’s possible your current furnace might not be ready for replacement after all.

Age of furnace

In general, furnaces can be expected to last 15 to 20 years before they need to be replaced. Furnaces that are still in good condition after that time, and that have been properly maintained, may last a few years longer. Check the owner’s documents you received when the furnace was installed, or if you don’t have those, look inside the furnace’s cabinet for a manufacture or installation date. Remember, even if you have an older furnace, if it still works like it should, a replacement probably isn’t necessary.

Reliability of furnace

You should be able to rely on the furnace to heat your home adequately without malfunctions or breakdowns. Is the furnace breaking down more often than usual? If the system has had a major failure during the previous two years, it could mean a replacement is necessary. Furnaces break down more frequently during the last two years of their expected lifespan.

Performance of furnace

Is the system still providing consistent amounts of heat throughout your home, or are there colder areas? Have you noticed odd noises or louder operation than usual? Decreased performance can indicate a need for replacement.

Efficiency of furnace

Older furnaces typically have lower efficiency ratings. However, a definite sign of decreased efficiency is an unexpected sharp increase in your monthly heating costs. This means the furnace is wasting more fuel since it has to burn more fuel to maintain the temperature settings at the thermostat.

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