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Key HVAC History

Key HVAC HistoryHave you ever wondered how your HVAC system works to keep your home comfortable? If you’ve ever run into heating or cooling trouble, you have certainly wondered how in the world to fix it. From the humble beginnings of mechanical fans, to sophisticated modern indoor environmental systems, read on to learn HVAC history in the comfort of your Yuma area home.

Mechanical Fan

The Han Dynasty, considered the golden age of Chinese history, saw among many inventions the first mechanical rotary fan. An entire room could be cooled by one person manually engaging 10-foot diameter wheels that powered interconnected fans.

Radiant Floor Heat

The forerunner of modern radiant floor heat is attributed to the Greeks and Romans. They installed channels beneath marble floors in public bath houses and private residences. The channels accommodated fires that radiated heat beneath the flooring into the rooms above.

Franklin Stove

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most famous Founding Fathers of our country who had many inventions. In the 1700s, the Franklin Stove was introduced as a more efficient heating appliance than traditional cast iron stoves of the era. The Franklin Stove used a baffle and U-shaped duct to extract and transfer heat from fire.

Electric Furnace

Dating back to 1861, William Siemens devised resistance coils that produced heat when electricity was applied. Electric heat-resistance coils are used in electric furnaces, space heaters, water heaters, air-source heat pumps and more.

Modern Air Conditioner

Considered one of the greatest inventions in HVAC history, the modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 by American engineer Willis Carrier. Modern air conditioning makes it possible to keep your refrigerator cool, keep trucks and trains cool transporting food great distances, cool large rooms containing computer servers, and keep vital organs cool for life-saving transplants. In fact, Willis Carrier’s invention makes our modern world economy and lifestyles possible.

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