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End the Winter Season with Proper Furnace Care

End the Winter Season with Proper Furnace CareMost years in Yuma, we don’t need to use the furnace all that often. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exercise good furnace care. A regular maintenance regimen will go far in ensuring that your furnace works reliably to keep your home comfortable, and that it lasts for a good many years.

Read on for some tips about furnace care for the season that’s winding down — or for anytime.

Change Your Air Filter

Changing the HVAC air filter is important anytime, but the change of seasons is a particularly important time to ensure you have a clean filter. We can anticipate a long, hot summer as usual, when the air conditioner gets a good workout, so you want to be sure you’re ready when it’s time to turn the A/C on. A clean air filter will ensure your system works better by keeping parts clean, thus reducing friction and helping the system run cooler. Clean filters also help the system run more efficiently by promoting better air flow. Better air flow equates with better delivery of properly conditioned air, be it heating or cooling.

Check the Heat Exchanger

If you didn’t get a furnace checkup at the beginning of the heating season, you may want to do so now. If you have an older furnace, you want to have it checked for minute cracks in the heat exchanger that could allow deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your home when the furnace is in use. Although you may not be at risk of CO poisoning when the furnace isn’t on, it’s a good idea to get the problem fixed at the end of season so it will be ready for the next season.

A furnace inspection will also reveal if all gas connections are properly sealed and that burners are igniting properly.

Scheduling furnace inspection now is always a lot easier than trying to get service later in the season, when HVAC companies are busier with air conditioner repairs and installations.

To learn more about furnace care, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We serve Yuma and the surrounding area.

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