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Show Your HVAC System Some Love

Show Your HVAC System Some LoveYour HVAC system works hard behind the scenes keeping your home comfortable, so it deserves some appreciation and TLC. February is traditionally the month when we celebrate love, so it’s the ideal time to show some affection for your HVAC system. Here are some easy ways to love your HVAC that can bring you big benefits like lower energy bills and reliable performance all year long.

Get Smart With System Controls

Having a smart thermostat installed gives your HVAC system the chance to get to know you and your comfort preferences. This type of innovate HVAC control monitors the programming and temperature settings you input, and then remembers and makes the adjustments intuitively. A smart thermostat not gives you effortless comfort control, but it can also reduce your energy bills up to 10 percent by automatically setting the thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees overnight, and when no one is home during the day.

Make a Date for Routine Maintenance

Setting up a date with a talented technician is a superb way to show your HVAC system how much you care. For peace of mind that your system will get treated right, be sure to pick a NATE-certified technician with verified knowledge and experience. After the initial meeting, follow up with twice-yearly dates so your system can be inspected, cleaned and tuned-up regularly to keep it in excellent working condition.

Give Your HVAC the Gift of Ample Airflow

Your HVAC system doesn’t want Valentine’s candy, but it does crave good airflow. To give your system the ideal amount of air it needs to work reliably and efficiently:

  • Check and change the air filter regularly to avoid restrictions that can degrade its performance.
  • Have all the accessible ducting sealed to curb air losses through leaky seams and joins.
  • Make sure the supply registers are fully open and the return grilles are unobstructed.
  • Have your HVAC technician assess the system for balanced airflow, and make any needed adjustments.

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