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What Goes into Sound Level by HVAC Equipment?

What Goes into Sound Level by HVAC Equipment?Sound levels produced by HVAC systems can be a issue indoors or outdoors. Ideally, your air conditioner and furnace should not intrude upon a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. When sound levels become excessive, it can be due to factors such as malfunctions or wear and tear on aging equipment. Here are some possible causes and cures.

Air Conditioner Noise

As time goes by and wear and tear accumulates, the compressor and fan motor in the outdoor half of a central A/C may become progressively more noticeable, producing squeaking, rattling and/or louder humming sounds. A qualified HVAC contractor can evaluate the noise and make repairs where possible. Sound-dampening improvements can be made such as rubber mounts for components with moving parts as well as adding noise-absorbing material to the housing.

Indoors, amplified sound of rushing air from ductwork may be an issue. This is typically due to some airflow restriction causing pressure imbalance, including too many closed vents or a collapsed duct segment. A clogged air filter may also produce air noises. Squeaking or rattling sounds transmitted through ducts are often caused by defects in the blower located in the indoor air handler.

Furnace Noise

A noisy furnace typically makes sounds that come and go, rather than continuous. Knocking or banging noises emitted from the ducts when the furnace cycles on or soon after it turns off are often caused by temperature-related expansion and contraction of metal ductwork. These can be considered “normal” but if they are an annoyance, ask your HVAC contractor about alternatives to quiet the ductwork.

A louder furnace sound that could be hazardous is a very noticeable, explosive bang that only occurs when the furnace burner lights. This may be a defect called delayed ignition that allows excessive gas release before the burner ignites it. Because it could represent a serious fire hazard, have any suspect noises related to the burner checked out immediately by a qualified HVAC contractor.

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