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How Your HVAC System Can Tackle Your Spring Allergies

How Your HVAC System Can Tackle Your Spring AllergiesFor many people, spring signifies new beginnings. Unfortunately, for seasonal allergy sufferers, it means the return of incessant sneezing and coughing, runny noses, itchy throats, and red eyes. Many of the pesky allergens are airborne, making your HVAC system an excellent tool for fighting against spring allergies at home. Follow the tips below to breathe easy this spring.

Replace your air filters regularly

The filter works as your home’s first line of defense against pollen, dust, pet dander, and other contaminants. It keeps them from getting to your ducts, which can distribute them throughout your home. Change your filters each month to keep your indoor air clean.

Dust all air vents

The vents act as gateways for the air being blown out of your home’s ductwork as well as the air being sucked back into it. If they’re dirty, they can introduce allergens into your home continually. As you dust your house, be sure to Vacuum or wipe down all the register grills and return vents with a damp or treated rag.

Keep debris away from your A/C units

Your outdoor air conditioning unit pulls in outdoor air. This air eventually is distributed throughout your home. Debris, excess plants, and any other blockages in the area around the unit can result in allergens finding their way into your home’s air. Keep this area clean and clear of any obstructions. Make sure you do the same to the area around your indoor unit.

Install a whole house air purification system

Although a clean air filter helps you combat spring allergies, some allergy triggers can still get into your home. You can ensure cleaner air by installing a whole house purification system. It eliminates more particles from the air than the average filter.

Spring is an ideal time to have your system maintained professionally. You’ll have not only a more efficient HVAC system but also fewer allergens because your contractor will eliminate any dust and blockages within the system. If you need help with fighting seasonal allergies with your HVAC system in the Yuma area, contact the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.

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