Ways To Avoid An Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Ways To Avoid An Emergency Air Conditioner RepairThese tips can help you if you want to sail through a Yuma summer without needing emergency air conditioner repair. Life without a cooling system in the deserts becomes intolerable quickly and with a few exceptions, cooling system breakdowns are largely preventable.

Change the air filter routinely.

It may not seem like it would make a big difference, but a clean air filter prevents excess wear and tear on the equipment and premature system problems. A clean filter reduces the strain on many of the system’s parts and reduces the amount of time the system has to run for each cooling cycle.

Use a programmable thermostat.

Once you’ve established the most comfortable temperature settings for your home, day and night, a programmable thermostat will maintain those temperatures.

These kinds of thermostats make it more difficult for family members to change the temperature whenever they feel like it, which could increase the running time for the A/C when temperatures soar.

Have the HVAC system serviced by a professional HVAC technician.

Annual maintenance might help you avoid emergency air conditioner repair. An HVAC pro will inspect, clean and adjust all the parts that will improve the performance of the air conditioner. Clean coils gather and dissipate heat faster, and lubricated motors run cooler.

The technician will check the refrigerant pressure and adjust it if necessary. Too little refrigerant can cause a frozen evaporator coil that could lead to compressor failure, which is the most expensive and catastrophic of all HVAC repairs.

Keep the outdoor condenser clean.

Periodically hose off the condenser’s coils outside to remove the dust buildup and keep at least a two foot clearance around the condensing unit.

Pay attention to the electric bill.

Check your APS account online periodically to monitor your home’s electrical usage. If you notice that it’s rising and the temperatures aren’t, you might have a developing problem with the A/C unit.

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