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Using Interior Design to Hide HVAC Elements

Using Interior Design to Hide HVAC ElementsYour indoor HVAC elements can stick out like a sore thumb. Moving them out of sight downgrades their efficiency and your home comfort. Fortunately, you can hide them creatively right where there are. Here are some tips for integrating your HVAC equipment into your home’s interior design.

Use a false beam

You can make an indoor HVAC unit nearly inconspicuous by integrating it with a false beam. For an even better look, add built-in furniture below or recessed lighting to that false beam.

Install above a window

In a small room with little wall space, you can make a ductless unit less noticeable by installing it between the window and ceiling. Try installing the unit as far from the window as possible to minimize energy loss.

Create a custom cover

A custom cover that matches your furniture will exquisitely integrate your unit to the interior design. For your thermostat, canvas artwork attached to hinges will disguise it while providing easy access to the controls.

Paint the wall

A good paint job can make your HVAC equipment invisible at first glance. Paint your wall to the equipment’s color. Alternatively, you could look for an appliance with a color that blends comfortably with the existing wall color.

Adopt an open shelf system

An open shelf integrates your unit with the wall by creating a striking vertical element. Try to match your unit’s dimensions with those of the shelf.

Add decorative images

Sticking a decorative image on or around an indoor HVAC unit is an excellent way to improve your home decor. The picture you choose should blend well with the surroundings to transform your unit into a seamless component of your attractive interior design.

Whatever the interior design option you choose to disguise your indoor HVAC elements, make sure the elements remain well ventilated to avoid compromising their efficiency. For system maintenance and modern thermostat options, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.

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