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Always Dirty: Air Filter Problems

Always Dirty: Air Filter ProblemsBesides the dusty outdoor air that comes indoors, there are other good reasons for a prematurely dirty air filter, some of which you can do something about. It’s important to pay attention to the condition of the air filter because it’s a major component of your system’s energy efficiency.


Cats and dogs shed fur year-round, but more so during the spring and fall. Long-haired pets are especially hard on filters. To lower the amount of fur floating in the air and getting trapped on the filter, brush or comb your pets frequently during the shedding season.

Leaky ducts

Most of the ductwork in Yuma homes is in the attic where the dust load is high. If you have any ductwork leaks, the HVAC system will pull the dust into the ducts and redistribute it through the house. When the A/C runs, it will trap that dust on the filter.

It’s worth having your ductwork tested for leakage to minimize the dust and cut your energy bills. A leaking duct will increase your cooling bills in proportion to its size, along with lowering indoor air quality.

Temperature extremes

The more your system runs, the more you’re likely to have a dirty air filter sooner. Excessively hot weather forces your system to run often and in longer cycles. Some upgraded thermostats have timers that alert you when it’s time to check the filter. This feature can save money, since running your HVAC system with an overly dirty filter drives up energy bills quickly.

High-quality filter usage

A denser filter will trap more airborne particulates than a cheaper filter. Even though you’ll have to check and change the filter more often, you’ll have cleaner indoor air and the parts inside the air handler will stay cleaner, as well.

If you suspect that the cause of the dirty air filter is compromised ductwork, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company for an immediate assessment and assistance. Our goal is to help our customers have lower energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

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