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End-of-Spring and Summer Energy Savings

End-of-Spring and Summer Energy SavingsHere in Yuma we use our air conditioners a good portion of the year. But come spring and summer, we can expect to use the A/C pretty much all the time. Late spring and summer mean it’s time to look for ways to save on energy and to use our systems more efficiently. Here are some tips so you can increase summer savings on your utility bill.

Energy-Saving Tips

1. Install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans in the primary rooms where you and your family dwell can be a big boost to your budget. In the summer, they circulate cool air so you feel more comfortable without having to turn down the thermostat; reverse the blades in winter, and the fans push the warm air down to floor level so you don’t feel so chilly.

2. Seal air leaks. Most homes have air leaks to the outdoors that allow conditioned air out and unconditioned air in. Wave a lit stick of incense around several key sites: door and window frames, electric sockets, recessed lighting, attic hatch cover, baseboards; and around the exterior openings for cables, wires and pipes. Fill the holes and cracks with weatherstripping, caulk and insulation.

3. Check your ductwork. Conditioned air could be leaking through your ductwork into the unconditioned spaces of your attic or basement. What’s more, unconditioned air, along with dirt and moisture, could be drawn into your ducts and introduced into your home. Ask your HVAC tech to check your ducts for cracks, holes or gaps and to repair them.

4. Change the air filter. Keeping a clean air filter in your HVAC system year-round will promote good airflow, so that your equipment runs more efficiently. It also diminishes friction that over time will wear down parts and lead to breakdowns.

5. Schedule maintenance. Keep your system in good working order through annual maintenance. Your HVAC will run more efficiently and last longer when you replace failing parts before they cause problems.

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