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How do Thermostats Work?

"How do Thermostats Work? "Your thermostat helps you control your heating and cooling system with the convenience and accuracy you desire. So how does this small device achieve that? Read on to learn more about the functioning of thermostats.

How the Thermostat Works

The mode of operation varies from one type of thermostat to another.

  • Mechanical thermostat — It typically uses a bimetallic strip that expands and contracts with temperature changes. The expansion and contraction control the opening and closing of the electrical contacts. When the contacts close, the strip acts as a bridge through which electric current flows to turn on the air conditioner or furnace.
  • Electronic thermostat — It has a sensor that detects temperature levels in your home. If the temperature differs from your preset preferred temperature, this thermostat electronically completes the circuit to your HVAC system.
  • Internet-linked thermostat — This is the latest generation of the smart thermostat. As you manually change the temperature settings at different times of the day or week, this device learns your habits and compares them with the objective humidity and temperature measurements. It then adopts a suitable program that it will follow automatically. Typically, the thermostat also lets you adjust it remotely with a mobile app.

Common Thermostat Problems

Several factors can affect the normal functioning of your thermostat. They include:

A malfunctioning thermostat can make your HVAC system run continuously, short cycle, or stop working abruptly. It can also make the actual room temperature never reach the set thermostat temperature.

DIY or Professional Service?

Thermostat installation and repair involves a few steps. Some of these steps can get a little complicated. Also considering the fact that the device controls your entire heating and cooling system, it’s best to have it installed and serviced by a trained professional.

Professional thermostat service helps you ensure your HVAC system accurately adjusts your home’s temperature. If you need any thermostat services in the Yuma area, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We have years of experience in working with different brands and types of thermostats.

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