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Should You Spring on HVAC Replacements Before Summer?

Should You Spring on HVAC Replacements Before Summer?Does springtime weather inspire dreamy thoughts of HVAC replacement? Probably not. However, there are good reasons to give it some consideration if you have any plans to replace part or all of your system in the near future. Like many other industries, the heating and cooling business runs in seasonal cycles. Certain times of the year are more advantageous for the purchase and installation of a new system than others.

Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to think about HVAC replacement before summer arrives.

Manufacturer incentives

Major manufacturers know you may be thinking of other things during the transitional season of spring, when weather is generally benign. To get your attention, manufacturers often offer rebates or price breaks during the off-season period between April and the first of June.

Installation convenience

Because crews aren’t as busy during spring, your HVAC contractor can usually schedule installation of a system at times that are entirely convenient for you. During heat waves later this summer, however, scheduling may be less flexible due to higher demand.

Cooperative weather

Because temperatures are less likely to be in the extreme range in spring, living without air conditioning for a day during the installation process won’t be as difficult as mid-August, for example.

Planned vs. emergency replacement

Installing a new system according to a planned timetable instead of waiting until your existing unit unexpectedly fails is more advantageous for both comfort and affordability. For example, a central A/C approaching the end of it’s average service life expectancy will often fail when it’s under the greatest cooling load—usually during the hottest spell of the summer. This also happens to be the least comfortable and most expensive time to have to replace it. Also, because of high demand, the exact system you want may not be in stock or immediately available.

Let Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company explain more benefits of an HVAC replacement before the summer heat hits.

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