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4 Common Cooling Issues During Peak Air Conditioning Season

4 Common Cooling Issues During Peak Air Conditioning SeasonCooling issues can be a fact of life here in Yuma. Nearly half the year qualifies as peak air conditioning season. Average daily high temps hit 90 degrees beginning in May, rise to 107 degrees by August and don’t drop back into the 80s until mid-October. This extended peak air conditioning season imposes cooling issues that become more significant as time passes and temperatures rise.

Here are four AC-related matters that typically occur:

The house is harder to cool.

Air conditioners are engineered with a design limit of about 95 degrees. Once outdoor temperatures exceed that limit, indoor temps will generally not decline below 78 degrees, even though the thermostat setting may be lower than that. At that point, ceiling fans can be utilized to augment the air conditioner. Air movement provided by a ceiling fan enhances the perception of coolness in a room without actually lowering the temperature.

Increased stress on system components.

When the air conditioner is running at maximum output, cooling cycles are extended and moving parts like the blower and the compressor get more wear and tear. Because the A/C is running more total hours per year, the expected system service life may be shortened.

Maintenance requirements are more critical.

“Normal” maintenance may not be sufficient for peak periods. Because the system fan is running longer, the air filter captures more particles, clogs faster and requires replacement sooner. Evaporator and condenser coils exposed to more continuous airflow may be coated with dust and dirt more rapidly. All components of the system may need routine cleaning and preventive maintenance on a more frequent basis than in normal conditions.

Cooling costs rise.

In extreme heat, the price of cool comfort rises as A/C use increases. Electricity typically gets more expensive in peak output periods. During a lengthy heat wave, operating costs can be 50 percent higher than periods of moderate temperatures. In some cases, outages may occur if the local utility is unable to meet soaring demand.

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