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Hostess Tips: How to Keep Guests Cool at Summer Parties

Hostess Tips: How to Keep Guests Cool at Summer PartiesStaying cool at summer parties does pose some challenges since summer nighttime lows in deserts seldom fall below 80. But with the help of water and air movement, it’s possible to spend a comfortable evening outdoors even when the temperature is in the triple digits.

Have your air conditioning system serviced.

It will be working hard to keep your home cool while lots of people are coming in and going out. The A/C will run more efficiently and dependably after an HVAC technician has gone through it. He’ll clean and adjust all the parts and make sure that the refrigerant level is ideal.

Use misters.

When the humidity is in the low single-digits and temperatures high, a misting system will drop temperatures by as much as 30 degrees F outside. You can install patio misters or use stand-alone misters that attach to a hose. Once the monsoon starts, the cooling effects you’ll get from misters diminishes considerably because the humidity increases.

Evaporative cooler.

If you use an evaporative cooler in your home, you know how well it cools when the humidity is low. As long as the dew point is below 55 degrees, you can count on being comfortable wherever you are that the airflow will reach.

Keep lots of water available.

Water, especially if alcohol is being served, will help your guests avoid dehydration. Keep the water on ice and don’t be shy about making the rounds with bottles in hand to give your guests throughout the party. You can also leave unopened bottles on the tables to make it easier for people to reach for a fresh bottle.

Break out the fans.

Portable fans or ceiling fans on the patio will increase your guests comfort during summer parties. It moves the air, which makes people feel cooler, although fans don’t actually lower the temperature. Instead, they speed up the evaporation of moisture on the skin, which does cool the body down.

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