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Splurge vs. Save: HVAC Costs

Slurge vs. Save: HVAC CostsWhen you’re in the market for new cooling and heating equipment, you might be weighing the HVAC costs with benefits the systems provide. Pricing for HVAC products correlates closely with the energy efficiency and quality of the systems available. While a more efficient system will cost more upfront, you’ll recover your investment each time it runs.

Making Tradeoffs

Since the Yuma area seldom sees cold weather, the focus for your selection should be on the air conditioning side of a new HVAC system. Look for a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, along with an EER (energy efficiency ratio) rating. The minimum standard for the Yuma area for the SEER is 14 and the EER is 12.2. Exceeding those ratings results in lower electricity bills throughout the long cooling season.

Features to Consider

When selecting your cooling system, consider any of these features that raise initial HVAC costs but energy bills and increase comfort every time they run:

  • Dual-speed compressor. An A/C system that has a two-speed compressor runs at low speed overnight when less cooling is needed and on days when temperatures are in the 90s. The compressor uses the most electricity of any other part in an A/C system, and when it runs on low speed more often, its energy consumption drops.
  • Variable-speed equipment. An HVAC system with a variable-speed air handler and condenser will lower energy consumption and increase comfort. It ramps up its cycles gradually, which quiets the noise the air handler makes.

Features to Postpone

  • A smart thermostat. Put off using a high-tech, expensive smart thermostat you start saving on your monthly cooling bills, While these thermostats save your energy dollars in the long run, your system will run efficiently with a basic programmable thermostat.
  • Upgraded register covers. It’s better to put your money into a high functioning A/C initially and put off new register covers until you start recouping your energy dollars.

The best way to sort through HVAC costs and make tradeoffs is by consulting an expert at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC services for the Yuma area.

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