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Is Weather Affecting Your Energy Bills?

Is Weather Affecting Your Energy Bills?Our weather in Yuma tends to be hot in summer, warm in spring and fall, and temperate in winter. Dry conditions prevail for most of the year. With a climate like that, we can expect to spend most of our utility costs on air conditioning with very few weather surprises. Sure, there might be an odd cold weather event that jacks up the winter bills, but for the most part, we expect the lion’s share of our utility expenses to go toward air conditioning in the summer.

That said, weather, even weather elsewhere, could still impact your energy bills. Here’s how.

High Humidity — Here?

OK, we admit high humidity is a rarity here in Yuma, although it can get a bit steamy during our summer monsoon season, when we are likely to see most of our annual 3 inches per year of rainfall. Higher humidity outdoors can migrate into your home, causing you to feel sticky and warmer than you should. When that happens, you may be inclined to turn down the air conditioner more than you would otherwise — thereby boosting your utility bills.

You can control indoor humidity by keeping your air conditioner’s air filter changed. Take shorter showers. Fix plumbing leaks.

Weather Events

The price of electricity and natural gas is dictated by supply and demand, as well as how much we have stored in reserves. For instance, we here in Yuma use more electricity for cooling in summer, adding to the summertime pressure on the energy infrastructure as more gas is taken out of storage to meet peak demands.

Another example: Power plants use water for cooling; when water and air temperatures are warmer during extreme heat waves, it’s more difficult to cool the power plants efficiently. This in turn can translate to higher utility costs for the rest of the country.

Catastrophic weather events that occur far away from Yuma can also impact what we pay for energy, say, when hurricanes shut down refineries, or storms damage power lines or power plants.

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