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How to Guard Your HVAC Against Bugs This Summer

How to Guard Your HVAC Against Bugs This SummerIt’s so much easier to prevent bugs in HVAC than get rid of them once they’ve entered your system and made it their home. HVAC components like the ductwork and the air handler provide comfortable spaces where insects can thrive in the dark, cool and private spaces.

Keep them out by:

Making sure the ductwork is sealed.

Bugs can enter through holes or cracks in the ductwork. Once inside, they’re free to enter any room in your home by crawling through the ducts. Many bugs find the bathrooms and kitchen the most inviting spaces in homes because they have plenty of moisture. Prevent bug infestations in the ducts by asking for a ductwork inspection and making sure the ducts are tightly sealed.

Putting bug-proof covers over the vents for the water heater and furnace.

Each of these provides a point of entry for crawling and flying insects to enter your home year-round.

Sealing the cracks in your home’s exterior.

Not only will this prevent bugs in HVAC components, it will also cut your cooling bills. Most insects come into your home for food and water. Crickets, roaches and scorpions easily enter through tiny cracks in the walls or foundation, or around door and window frames.

An energy audit performed by a licensed HVAC pro will identify the places where you have air leaks throughout your home’s structure. Seal them with caulk or expanding foam. Use fresh weatherstripping around exterior doors. Once inside, bugs can find plenty of moisture in the drain pan inside the air handler.

Minimizing standing water around your yard and the periphery of your home’s exterior.

Your air conditioner is a constant source of water outside your home during the cooling season. Unless it drains into your plumbing, the water that drains from the A/C could attract bugs and vermin. They sometimes crawl inside the drainpipe for more moisture and could clog it.

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