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Keeping Children Safe Around Your HVAC

Keeping Children Safe Around Your HVACChildren are curious adventurers who can turn just about any household item into a toy, including your HVAC system. Unfortunately, the system can hurt them in several different ways. The many wires, sharp vent edges, and the hot outdoor unit can pose a serious injury threat to kids. Use the HVAC safety tips below to prevent your home comfort components from harming your young ones this summer.

Fence In Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is a dangerous part of your HVAC system. Its wires and sharp metal pieces can severely injure your kids. To prevent your kid from touching these components, cut off access to the unit with a locked fence or shrubs.

Secure Vents

Shiny objects can easily attract children. Unfortunately, the shiny metal vents can cut your child’s fingers. Prevent your child from lifting your floor vents by screwing or nailing the covers into the floor. You can also put a screen on them to provide added protection. Apart from nails, you could use Velcro to secure the vent covers.

Place Indoor Components Out of Reach

Your thermostat may seem harmless, but small children can turn it into a safety hazard. If your child accesses it, he or she may set the temperature too high or too low. This can damage your HVAC system as well as cause serious harm to your kid’s health. Install your indoor units and thermostat in a place that’s inaccessible to small kids, such as high up.

Hide Remotes

You should never allow your kids to play with the remote controls to your units. Besides making severe changes, children can also unintentionally break your unit. Place the remote controls on shelves or locked away in drawers to keep them out of your young one’s hands.

Follow these tips to ensure your kids have an amazing summer break without any injuries or damage to your property. For more tips on ensuring HVAC safety, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve been helping Yuma homeowners with their HVAC needs since 1952.


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