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Air Conditioning Trends: Movement Activation

Air Conditioning Trends: Movement ActivationThe HVAC industry has adopted many technologies to help it use less energy while still providing all the comfort that people expect. The latest technology being considered are smart air conditioners that sense occupancy to control when they run. They’re being tried in more commercial buildings presently than residential, where they’ve had some success in trimming energy costs and run times for HVAC systems.

Why Use Occupancy Sensors

Since HVAC systems use the most energy of any other appliance in homes and office buildings, engineers are always looking at ways to reduce it. Cooling or heating an unoccupied room wastes energy since no one is there who needs it. Controlling airflow to that room by using an occupancy sensor might make sense, especially if it’s installed in a larger area like a lobby that serves as a gateway to a series of smaller areas like offices.

Effectiveness in Homes

Currently, the technology that helps homeowners save energy and individualize comfort throughout their homes is available in the form of zoning systems. A zoned home clusters similar areas together and uses a single thermostat to control their temperatures. An automatic damper in the ductwork opens and closes based on their need for conditioned air. Homeowners who don’t plan to use an area can turn it off at the thermostat.

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart air conditioners that use occupancy sensors could work as a zoning system, although each room could have its own sensor. As a practical matter, however, it might be challenging in a climate like Yuma’s in the summer. Unless the home is well insulated, has few air leaks and Energy Star windows, it may not make sense to curtail the conditioning in a room altogether. It will take time for the HVAC system to remove the heat that builds on a hot summer day once someone returns.

Smart air conditioners do make cooling and heating much more efficient. If you’d like to learn more about adopting the latest technology for your home to cut cooling bills and increase comfort, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing HVAC services for Yuma homeowners.

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